The SUCCESS of any training PRO SKI®.


We are adamant that the TRAINING and good managementthey make any of the training PRO SKI®. are successful in the short and long term.

Training PRO SKI®.In the case of the "Customer Training", it is not only limited to achieving a good execution and knowledge of the discipline, but also focuses on the management of it, with values such as product knowledge, training versatility, "customer knowledge", "customer-instructor" interaction, selling the discipline, and customer loyalty and attraction. Aspects related to the management of the discipline necessary for the motivation of the technician and the satisfaction of the client.

A well-trained team contributes directly to the return of the Sports Centre

All these aspects conclude in the decision that PRO SKI® Academy as exclusive distributor for Spain, Andorra and Portugal, does not commercialize its equipment for public use without training, for sports centers interested in the model of group classes with musical support PRO SKI® Fitness.


Training PRO SKI®. is directed:

  • Fitness technicians, workers in Sports Centres
  • Professionals freelancers from the fitness world
  • Professionals autonomous in the SKI world


For public use of the PRO SKI® machines, a license issued by PRO SENSOR Development, S.L.U. is required.


The Developer and creator of the training program Davor Puhak PRO SKI® UP Croatian Master Trainer


Graduate at the Faculty of Kinesiologyía from Zagreb: Mastería in Science in Kinesiologyía





Demonstrator national skiing with international ISIA license and ISIA CARD.

Sports trainer of the best ski clubs in Croatia and Slovenia, training many recreational and high level skiers:


  • LEONA POPOVIC (alpine skier WC),
  • ZRINKA LJUTIC (The best female cadet skier in the world 2019/20),
  • DINO SOKOLOVIC (Gold medalist in slalom at the 2018 Paralympic Games in PyongChang (CHN))


The PRO SKI training system (PRO SKI UP) was created in 2012 and in the first idea has been used for group fitness training or individual training.

In the next phase it was upgraded to the next level, for two activities:

    • Rehabilitation: skeletal system assemblies and neuromotor dysfunctions
    • Sports training: athlete, not just for skiers

Rehabilitation training that can speed up recovery by more than 30% after knee surgery (ALL JOINTS) or herniated disc, etc., with success in top skiers such as LEONA POPOVIC (CRO) and (ALL JOINTS) or herniated disc, etc., with success in top skiers such as LEONA POPOVIC (CRO) and MARU-A FERK (SLO), and in the general population from 6 to 80 years old.

It is especially ideal for motor "neuro - dysfunction", such as brain trauma or for people with intellectual disabilities. Exhibition at the world's largest congress for brain trauma in Haag (NED) 2015.


"NEW FORM OF PHYSICAL THERAPYPROGRESSIVE REHABILITATION OF NEUROMOTIVE DYSFUNCTION" (ARTICLE AUTHORS: Jasna Vešligaj-Damiš, B.A.Psych. naprej- Centre for Persons with Acquired Brain Injury Maribor; Davor Puhak, M.Ed.Kin. PRO SKI organization - training innovator)




Training programmes PRO SKI®.


  • PRO SKI® UP. Main program. It trains the Fitness professional to give group classes with musical support with the following equipment PRO SKI® EQUIPMENT equipment assigned for this training. E-learning phase of 60h and classroom phase with a minimum of 16h.


  • PRO SKI® TECH - PRO. It enables the professional in the fitness and SKI sector to teach all types of classes on the full range of equipment. PRO SKI® EQUIPMENT. Requires the completion of the main program PRO SKI® UP. E-learning phase of 20h and face-to-face phase with a minimum of 4h.


The development of the training sessions PRO SKI® is carried out with all the necessary means to achieve a fluid communication with the student, incorporating contents in different formats: texts, multimedia, audiovisuals, forums, interactions with the tutor, test exams and all the necessary resources, always under the supervision of the instructors. PRO SKI® INSTRUCTORS and the Master Trainer PRO SKI® Academy .

Training and management are the two main levers of PRO SKI success