PRO SKI® Sensor will try to help you take advantage of the full potential and performance of your latest generation skis, with position and metric techniques that will inform and guide you, so that you can achieve, above all, that your two boards reach the same edge angle and a ride without convergences or divergences in your tips.

PRO SKI® Sensor, are devices that communicate with your App, that you can use in Outdoor mode with a simple and easy installation in your boots, and in Indoor mode, if you have a PRO SKI® equipment. Get to know our equipment

A perfect challenge and training to get the most out of your motor skills and your parabolic skis.

Metrics that PRO SKI® Sensor will inform you on all your training sessions. Continuous, real-time, instantaneous feedback and statistical analysis of each of your tracks at the end of the day's skiing.

Devices designed for any type of boot.
PRO SKI® Sensor does not discriminate between slopes, snow types or ski levels.

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