Physical Therapy Centers


Non-impact work with programs for different processes:

      • Rehabilitation
      • Recovery
      • Readaptation
      • Prevention


An area for experts in the locomotor system that offers alternatives from injury to sport, or everyday life. 


Rehabilitation Feet, Ankles, Knees, Hip...

Adjustable in extension, force and intensity


Values; movement (muscles) and position (joints)

  • In Dynamic equilibrium
  • Demand Coordination of the Locomotor System
  • Any sport involving lateral displacement
  • Special Lateral Musculature of the lower limbs
  • Work valgus legs, feet (sensors).


In dynamic equilibrium, position correction


Any sport involving lateral displacement 



No impact

  • Any age range
  • Non-skiers
  • Different physical conditions
  • Users with pathologies, injuries, prostheses, overweight, etc.
  • People who do not practice sports
  • Skiers of all levels
  • Non-skiing professional athletes
  • Users with uncoordinated motor skills
  • From Rehabilitation to Prevention

(Tested under different conditions and physical situations for 3 years with "customer experience")


Different resistances, extensions or intensities to adapt to any injured or non-injured user, skier or non-skier.  


Adaptive training  


Any sport



Positioning technique and physical conditioning


Positioning technique and physical conditioning  


Advance in prevention. We study your business model. Receive advice on all the options you can develop with PRO SKI.

All muscle groups 


The importance of prevention. An added value.

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