We are aware that any sport requires a muscular effort and a technique, which in the case of skiing is very specific, since it implies an important balance control and therefore management of our centre of massesWe are aware that any sport requires muscular effort and technique.

Performing training in dynamic balancewith the effect of changes in foot pressure, well distributed weights, and understanding the effect of different angles, flexions and destabilising positions, we enhance all our motor skills, which are so necessary to manage a correct driving on the edges. motor skills so necessary to manage a correct driving on the edges.

Any equipment PRO SKI® enhances all these skills, as they are designed with the skiing technique and their different trainings contribute to skiing more efficiently and safely.

The automation of the movements, the regulation of the intensity and speed, and the different flexed or semi-flexed positions of feet, knees, hips symmetricallyare great values that contribute to the position technique and parallelism of your skis, making your skiing more functional and efficient.

Any training PRO SKI® is performed no impactThe feet and legs are placed hip-width apart, transmitting pressure on the paddles and therefore automating the cantering movements, and with a very high proprioceptive value.

Once we have mastered the training technique PRO SKI®Once we have mastered the training technique, we are in a position to evaluate our results in terms of correct edges in different scenarios.

This section is taken care of by PRO SKI®SENSOR. It will test you with different training sessions and evaluate your movements translated into angles of your edges, converted into turns.

Initially PRO SKI®SENSOR will ask us for personal data related to our age, sex, weight and height. This information is necessary to establish the number of elastics or resistances required by our equipment according to the type of training to be carried out.


Try a download the App  PRO SKI® SENSOR, and you will learn about the following concepts in detail. Access the "INDOOR" mode from "Start" / "Start training".

To use this function you need to have a PRO SKI® SENSOR and a training computer PRO SKI® PRO



Levels and Types of Indoor Training

PRO SKI® SENSOR shows you 3 options:





  • Slalom
  • Giant 
  • Free


For each type of training, different achievements of execution of songs per minute and related to Tempo and Cadence. PRO SKI® SENSOR will indicate the number of correct and incorrect edges. 

These metrics include the resistance set on the elastics, the maximum extension angle of the trolley, the weight distribution on the sensors and the type of exercise performed.

As a result of your training you will get metrics related to the following:


  • Total Edges
  • Correct Songs
  • Incorrect songs
  • Average cadence
  • Duration of training
  • Maximum strength
  • Amplitude




Once the training day is over, you have the option to analyse each of your tracks. "Statistics". where you can analyse each of your tracks.


Statistics. Analysis graphs

On the home screen of the App PRO SKI® SENSORyou have the option of "Statistics". to analyse each of the downhill runs of your skiing days (OUTDOOR), as well as in the training sessions carried out with the teams. PRO SKI®  (INSIDE).

Each trackshows the date on which it was made and the duration of the training session with details of the related metrics, heart rate and calories burned. 








Select the device

The sensors PRO SKI® function as a WIFI network. Just connect to the network generated by your sensors, enter the password and they are ready to go.

They use WIFI connection to avoid the incompatibility of certain phones to connect more than one Bluetooth device, as this could cause complications to have audio available while using the sensors. Using WIFI connection this incompatibility does not exist.



    • Language
    • GPS Location

      • Adjustment

          • Units

          • SI (km /h; international system)
          • IMPERIAL (British, miles)












                            • Sensor instruction

    • Main calibrationBefore installing your sensor, you must perform a calibration. This is necessary for a good record of your sessions and a proper analysis of your turns.
    • Secondary calibration: only use when required by technical support.
    • Set default calibrations: use only under supervision of technical support.
    • Storage Mode: at the end of the season, if we are not going to train with our machine and we are not going to use it until next season PRO SKI® and are not going to be used until the next season, we must execute this process to improve the durability of the batteries and avoid unnecessary wear and tear.


Our suggestion is that once the process of installing the sensors in the boots and/or the calibration has been completed, you should enter the indoor mode and check the results.











  • Notifications: in addition to the on-screen message at the end of your Track informing you that it has been successfully saved, you will also have a message here in notifications.

Download the App to learn more about PRO SENSOR® Development and FAQ's

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