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A new incentive for your customers to return
21 April, 2020 by Editor
PRO SKI Academy, in its FITNESS format and in its SKI Format, has launched an interesting promotion to contribute to the reopening of sports centres that want to incorporate, in their strategy, some innovative activity as a lever to motivate the return of their clients and even to attract new ones.

They propose to make known all the possibilities of this innovative discipline in an interview with the heads of the sports centres. To this end, they propose to arrange an interview without obligation so that they can get to know the versatility of the activity, assess the viability within each business model and raise any doubts and objections that may arise. Of course, all those who are interested in this interview to include this new activity, will get interesting discounts.

PRO SKI is an INNOVATION since it was launched on the market exclusively for Spain, Andorra and Portugal just 2 years ago. During this period of time they have worked intensely on the study of the discipline with priority in the area of "customer experience", setting up an "Aula-Taller" in their distribution centre in Asturias.

The results obtained show great customer satisfaction and provide business arguments for successful conclusions given its versatility, both in its types of training, and in the wide target of customers.

The main conclusion is the great potential of this new activity, given that the public of any age and physical condition can access adaptive training in intensity. Moreover, the FITNESS format does not require any previous knowledge of skiing.

The SKI format is marketed as a specialty and is aimed exclusively at skiers. For this option, they have worked on an intense and studied program based on the physical conditioning and technique of the skier.



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