Sports Centres (multidisciplinary rooms or corners), Self-employed, GYM, Ski Clubs.


PRO SKI® presents two different room formats:

A. Room PRO SKI® Fitness - TECH (with two formats for skiers and non-skiers).

B. Room PRO SKI® PRO (exclusive for skiers).


A. Configure your ROOM PRO SKI® Fitness - TECH for two formats:

        • Fitness (Directed Group Activity with Music Support)  
        • Technical Groupexclusively for skiers.


Fitness Room Configurator - TECHPulsahere


With the same equipment you have the opportunity to perform two different types of training. You will cover practically all your Target and you will be able to specialize in skiers with different training: do TRIBU.

In the configurator you can value the investment which requires the minimum format PRO SKI® for these two disciplines.

You have the option of financing (Renting) in which you will be able to check that with one instalment around 200 euros (for the minimum format) you can build your room. Ask us for a quote.

It is adaptable both in Multi-purpose room and CORNER format. You need a minimum space of around 50 square meters. The minimum equipment required in this format Fitness - TECH, consists of 10 machines with their accessories and training course.

The maintenance is basically cleaning, occasional silicone spray and replacement of rubbers every 2 years (may vary depending on use and conservation).

The equipments are configured in grey PRO SKI® EQUIPMENT are configured in grey but you have the option to customize by combining 3 colors, Deep Orange, Monster Green and yellow. For this option you have to consult the combinations available at any time.


B. Configure your ROOM PRO SKI® PRO

SPECIALITY: Training very exclusive for Skiers Professionals, SKI Club Activities, SKI Clubs and private skiers in very good shape.


PROPulsa Room Configuratorhere


Very specific format that requires a corner space or room intended for the activity mainly by the PRO team. It is mainly composed of 3 models PRO SKI®Basic Machine, Power Machine and PRO Machine.

You need about 50 m to place the minimum equipment required: 3 Basic machines, 1 Power machine and 1 PRO machine.

You can manage 2 types of training: circuit activity or free training. The target customer is a skier so it is a good opportunity for you to make a tribe of skiers who will bring you a lot of customers. (6 million skiers in Spain), who will be looking for the perfect training to prepare the Pre Season and Snow Season.