Today's skis are designed to drive over the edgesThe current skis are designed to be more stable, so they require less directional effect on the feet and respond very well to pressure and edging, regardless of their geometrical and mechanical parameters..

We must achieve as long as possible, a parallel guidance and with the same cantilever angleapplying an adequate pressure distribution for a perfect steering or a cut-off steering.

This translates into PRO SKI® SENSOR into 3 axes directly proportional to your skis: angle symmetries, parallel symmetries and pressure symmetries.

The main mission of PRO SKI® SENSOR is to detect:

- Divergences and/or convergences on our skis.
- Differences in cantilever angles between the two boards.
- Distribution of the pressure meaning the position of the skis in relation to each other, pointing symmetrically.

The sensors PRO SKI® have sophisticated components from which they obtain multiple data, which the algorithms will reliably analyse and evaluate, according to your level. skier's turning technique according to their level.

The standard parameter that several manufacturers indicate to define the turning radius on a ski, with the same camber, angulation and pressure of the two fully parallel skis, is set at 45 degrees.

Based on this parameter PRO SKI®SENSOR has various levels which are determined on the basis of the similarity of the angles you are making with your skis. It will record all your symmetries and asymmetries calculated with multiple measurements of each of your turns based on the 3 axes described.

Regardless of the quality of the snow, the type of piste, the weather, your physical condition or your skiing level, PRO SKI® SENSOR will evaluate each of your turns. It will classify them in the corresponding level: Basic, Advance, Professional, Competition and will compute the total number of turns made, together with the time spent on each descent, the speed reached and the distance covered on each of your descents. You will obtain the result of the total of your turns made and rated between the different levels, understanding that the turns of a higher level will also count in the lower levels, as they also meet the requirements for it.

For each level of skiing, minimum tolerances have been set in order to motivate you to advance to the next level, being lower at higher levels. Regardless of any conditions, algorithms and measurements will always work to classify all your turns.

This analysis will be carried out according to the number of turns made in your descent and the detection of divergences, convergences, angle differences, and pressure distribution related to your symmetries and asymmetries mainly.

In addition, this result is accompanied by the time spent on your descent, the rate of turns, G-Forcethe altitude, the calories burned and your heart rate if you have a heart rate monitor connected to your native Health application.


Try a download the App  PRO SKI® SENSOR, and you will learn about the following concepts in detail. Access the "OUTDOOR" mode from "Start" / "Start training".



Levels and types of outdoor training

PRO SKI® SENSOR shows you 3 options:

  • Tutorial Mode
    • Basic Level
    • Advanced Level
    • Professional Level
    • Competition Level
  • Cross Country
  • Alpine SKI


Our recommendation is that the first time you use PRO SKI® SENSOR, select the "Alpine SKI mode so that, once the descent is done, you will obtain a FIRST ASSESSMENT your turns.




On Tutorial Modeyou will be accompanied by an audio with instant feedbackThe audio will show you the correct and incorrect turns so that you have the opportunity to correct your turns or consolidate your technique for the next one. You will identify the areas of the piste that you handle more or less fluently, or the same turn with different snow quality.

In Tutorial mode you will select the level you consider yours and you will see the result of your spins classified in the corresponding level and according to the established criteria.


The Cross Country mode is specifically for backcountry skiers who value information on distances travelled, altitude reached, time spent, heart rate, calories and also, depending on the athlete, to rate their turns on downhill runs.



PRO SKI® SENSOR on the piste, will challenge you to achieve the highest number of top level turns, and to manage the speed and time spent on each descent, regardless of the type of snow you ski.

Will your turns be the same on powder as on hard snow, and is your level different depending on the slope?

Turn on your sensors and the App, and go down the slope. PRO SKI® SENSOR, will evaluate your descent and you will be able to analyse at the moment of the ascent, the metrics of the track you have just completed; a good challenge for the next descent.

Once the day's skiing is over you have the option "Statistics". where you can analyse each of your tracks.


Statistics. Analysis graphs

On the home screen of the App PRO SKI® SENSORyou have the option of "Statistics". to analyse each of the downhill runs of your skiing days (OUTDOOR), as well as in the training sessions carried out with the teams. PRO SKI®  (INSIDE).

Each trackshows the date it was made, the time taken and the distance covered. You will identify each of your turns and you will be able to analyse all your metrics and the situation graphs with the GPS routes shown on the situation map.


Select the device

The sensors PRO SKI® function as a WIFI network. Just connect to the network generated by your sensors, enter the password and they are ready to go.

They use WIFI connection to avoid the incompatibility of certain phones to connect more than one Bluetooth device, as this could cause complications to have audio available while using the sensors. Using WIFI connection this incompatibility does not exist.



    • Language
    • GPS Location

      • Adjustment

          • Units

          • SI (km /h; international system)
          • IMPERIAL (British, miles)












                            • Sensor instruction

    • Main calibrationBefore installing your sensor, you must perform a calibration. This is necessary for a good record of your sessions and a proper analysis of your turns.
    • Secondary calibration: only use when required by technical support.
    • Set default calibrations: use only under supervision of technical support.
    • Storage Mode: at the end of the season, if we are not going to train with our machine and we are not going to use it until next season PRO SKI® and are not going to be used until the next season, we must execute this process to improve the durability of the batteries and avoid unnecessary wear and tear.


Our suggestion is that once the process of installing the sensors in the boots and/or the calibration has been completed, you should enter the indoor mode and check the results.











  • Notifications: in addition to the on-screen message at the end of your Track informing you that it has been successfully saved, you will also have a message here in notifications.

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