*Temporary we suspend CLASSES until regulations allow for continuous opening.

Select your class in the calendar and finish the purchase process.
If you come to a Class FITNESS for the first time, you have to book the DEMO Class. It's a kind of home where the first 15′ in positions and first movements are occupied. You need to make the class mask, socks, bottle and small towel. You have lockers and bathrooms (at the moment without shower according to current regulations).

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Any incidence contact Romi: ro@proskiacademy.com

NOTE: PRO SKI® Academy is an exclusive distributor for Spain, Andorra and Portugal of its equipment, training and online classes. It has enabled a Classroom Workshop in the center Distributor with the main objective of assessing "customer experience". and is therefore not a sports centre or gym.. For this reason no memberships, no vouchers are sold and classes are contracted individually with no commitment of permanence..

Classes can be booked up to half an hour before the class starts. if there are places available. If a user books a class and cannot attendcan manage the change of the class up to 24 hours before the class on the website. "My bookings.

In our "Shop in the "Classroom Workshop" you have the information about the types of classes and options